4. Solving Climate Change: Benefits of open knowledge

What is Ecometrica trying to achieve & has this changed as the business has developed? 

Ecometrica is passionate about delivering clear, correct and transparent environmental information that helps businesses, institutions and governments meet climate change challenges.

Open access research and scholarly works improve awareness of climate change issues, access to scientific knowledge and allows that knowledge to be built upon to enable, for example more accurate detection of deforestation.

Do you share back into open databases, and what are the benefits to you when you do?

There are many open source programming and mapping resources to develop methodologies to produce new maps or tools. We do try and share back into into these resources whenever possible – as the more people working on a problem, often the quicker it gets solved.

What are the processes for sharing back?

One example we both use and share back into is OpenStreetMap, which free to use under an open licence. It’s a perfect example of citizen science as people can add their expert knowledge of where they live for many peoples benefit just by logging into an online mapping platform.

What is your top tip for anyone thinking of using open access and scholarly works to support a climate change project?

Always  remember to reference the open source work you use – it raises awareness of resources and encourages more people to use and publish them.

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