3. Solving Climate Change: Using open resources

What are the top 3 types of licence that Ecometrica uses?

The most common licences Ecometrica uses are Creative Commons Attribution, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs

Tell us how you have used a specific resource.

One example of a very useful open access dataset Ecometrica have used for several projects is the Global Forest Change 2000–2014 product produced by Hansen et al from the University of Maryland under a Creative Commons Attribution International License.

This makes it an affordable and easy to access global resource for several of our partners within an international project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) to develop and test a methodology to calculate how many hectares of deforestation was avoided as a result of their forest programmes in developing countries.

How did you identify what licence you needed?

As an SME, any published resource Ecomterica uses would need to fall under a Creative Commons that allows for commercial use.

How did you weigh up pros and cons for the resource you needed?

Without a cost-effective globally produced dataset for forest loss, the project would have been restricted to much smaller geographic areas. While it would be possible to produce a more accurate map for forest loss using higher resolution satellite data – a free, open source map that is produced annually meant that more partners in more countries could access the data and use it consistently.

What was the final result?

Our project partners are now using this data to annually estimate how effective their forest conservation programmes are at saving forests.

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